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Stuck at home for the moment. Can't wait to get out and share.


In the meantime, here is a clip compilation video to enjoy... 

PZ Flow Clip Compliation

PZ Flow Clip Compliation

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Live / Video
Wooden Deck

Take a listen,

get in the flow


Join me on a life journey to be in the flow. Wherever the winds are blowing warm, waves are rolling rhythmically and people are genuinely connecting deeply, that's the sweet spot of life. 


Music has always felt like the best way to experience everyone being in the flow together. It connects us all. Growing up in California on the Beach Boys, Eagles, Jackson Browne, Linda Rondstat and so many others, it imprinted in me the way music can bring a vibe and soul of a place to life for everyone, even for those who have never been. 

My history goes back through Hawaii, where my grandfather was born in Hanalei and grew up in Kilauea Town on Kauai. What started as a vacation and party place for me has turned into a deep set of roots, soul and spirit that I wanted to share with others through music. With the sun, sand, surf, tasty food (ono grinds) and family (ohana)...what else is there to living the good life? 


We are all connected in this world and it is an awesome place. Enjoy the music and feel the flow.  



Papa Zawa Band

Mike "Papa Zawa" - songwriter, vocals, guitar

Ciaran Gribbin - producer, vocals

Greg Agar - producer,mixer, editor, keyboards

Kyle Caprista - drums, percussion*

Ben Levine - electric and upright bass

Gawain Mathews - mandolin, dobro, guitar

Mitchell Kanazawa - ukulele, vocals

Garrison Kanazawa - vocals

Connor Kanazawa - vocals

Lisa "Mama Zawa"  - vocals, inspiration

*Will Jenkins - drums and percussion engineering

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